About Us

Motion Specialties is a family owned and locally operated business that focusses on Complex Rehabilitation Solutions and was founded in 1999 in response to the market needing specialised services.

We understand that each wheelchair user is presented with their own challenges and goals and the team at Motion Specialties is here to help you realise those goals, no matter your path.  This is undertaken with care and pride through our people, and the stories and experiences we share.

Motion Specialties has long been recognised as one of South-East Queensland’s leaders in the field of Wheelchairs, Powerchairs, Seating and Commodes. Our success is based around continuing education in this field, cutting edge technology products, investment in innovative design and inhouse customisation, and the constant desire for positive client outcomes.

Our unwavering purpose is to assist you to achieve your full potential, no matter your goals and complex needs.  At Motion Specialties, we have created our culture based around this idea, and strive to support our clients with the best advice and solutions available.

When next looking for a product to help you reach your goals, contact the team at Motion Specialties to see how we can assist you with the right solution.

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Our History

Founding member, David Fagan graduated from University in 1994, and moved to Queensland launching his career in the Prosthetic and Orthotic Profession.  Opening his first specialised business, Sunshine Orthopaedic Services, he began serving clients needs and growing his expertise in the market and worked closely with industry leaders.  As the business grew, so too did his understanding that many of his Orthotic and Prosthetic clientele were also wheelchair users, and wanted to expand his services to further help his clients reach their goals.

Motion Specialties was conceived as a special purpose business focussing on the wheelchair and seating sector and set about upskilling and educating their staff about all things wheelchairs and seating. Today, Motion Specialties has a 19 Strong, dedicated workforce with industry experience spanning up to 30 years with some individual staff, and continues to offer leading service to our clients.